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Hey there, adventure-seeker! 🌟 Ready for a thrilling quiz game? Type 'start quiz' to dive in and let the fun begin! 🚀🕹ī¸
How It Works:

When you're ready to start your quiz journey, just type "start quiz." The bot will prompt you to click the "start game" button to kick off your adventure.

Choose Your Adventure Level:
  • 🔹 Easy Peasy 😁: Perfect for casual quizzers. Take it easy and have some fun!
  • 🔹 Moderate Challenge 🤔: Up for a bit more of a challenge? This one's for you.
  • 🔹 Brain Teaser đŸ¤¯: For the hardcore quiz enthusiasts. Prepare to be challenged!
Your Subject:

Next, choose a subject that piques your interest. The bot will ask you to select from a list of available subjects.

Your Topic:

After selecting a subject, you can enter or pick a specific topic from the suggestions that appear. This allows you to dive deeper into your chosen area of interest.

While We Prepare Your Quiz...

While the bot prepares your customized quiz, you can play the dyno game. It's a fun way to pass the time while waiting for the quiz to be ready.

Let's Get Started!

Ready to jump in? Type "start quiz" and let the adventure begin! Get ready for a quiz experience that's tailored to you, with varying difficulty levels, subject choices, and a fun mini-game to keep you entertained. Have fun, and may the best quiz-taker win! 🌟

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Ready for an epic journey? 🧐 Time to pick your magical subject from the spellbinding library of knowledge! 📚🔮
Your Subject:

To start your journey, choose the subject you'd like to explore. The bot will guide you through the library to find the perfect topic for your homework help.

Ask Your Question:

After selecting your subject, the bot will ask: "Great! Enter what question you have? đŸ•ĩī¸â€â™‚ī¸đŸ“œ". You can ask any question related to your chosen subject, and the bot will provide helpful responses to guide you through your homework.

Ready to Start?

Whether you're looking for answers to math problems, history facts, science theories, or language guidance, this bot is here to help. Start by picking a subject, ask your question, and let the learning adventure begin! 🌟

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📚 Description

Simply upload a document, and ask questions about it. Our AI will read your entire file and use that information to answer your questions. It's like having a personal tutor at your fingertips! 🤖
📝 Step 1: Upload Your PDF

Drag and drop any PDF into the chat. From reports to requirement documents, contracts to assignments, our AI can process them all. Once uploaded, the AI reads the entire file to get ready to answer your questions.

❓ Step 2: Ask Anything

With your document uploaded, treat Academic Coaching like your personal assistant. Whether you need a summary 🗂ī¸, key points 🔑, or detailed explanations đŸ•ĩī¸â€â™‚ī¸, just ask. The bot is designed to help you understand and navigate through your documents with ease.

🚀 Get Started!

Ready to dive in? Upload your PDF to start exploring and learning. Ask any questions you have, and let our AI guide you through the information. Academic Coaching is here to make your document processing and understanding easy and efficient. Have fun! 🎉

📚 Description

Want insights from YouTube videos without watching the entire thing? The Video Insights Bot lets you get a quick summary or ask specific questions about any video content.
1: Upload YouTube Video Link

đŸŽŦ Paste the YouTube video link into the chat. The bot will fetch the content and get it ready for summarization and question-answering.

Step 2: Summarize or Ask from Video

🔍 Choose whether you want a quick summary of the video or ask specific questions about the content. The bot will do the rest, providing you with a concise summary or detailed answers based on your preference.

Step 3: Enjoy and Explore

🎉 Sit back, relax, and let the bot do the heavy lifting. Explore the summary or ask follow-up questions to get more information. Discover key insights without the need to watch the whole video. It's easy and efficient!

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